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All Print Supplies uses WooCommerce to populate and display a catalogue of their printing supplies.

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All Print Supplies is a printing supply company based in Slough. Working for Urban Media, I was responsible for taking the website’s PSD designs and creating their website from scratch using WordPress. Although their website does not accept any orders, it uses WooCommerce to sort and display their product catalogue.

In addition to implementing the design of their website and helping them to import their product catalogue into WooCommerce, I also created a bespoke plugin to help them manage a custom tool they wanted ported over from their old website. This involved using JSON to encode and store the data they needed, as it had over 30,000 entries and was too large to fit inside a WordPress custom option.

This JSON was then pulled through on the front-end to populate a colour picker tool that used custom jQuery to dynamically populate the page based on the customer’s colour selection.

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