Flying Start Tuition

Flying Start Tuition is a local tutoring service that uses its website to sell mock exams and allow students to book private tuition lessons.

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Flying Start Tuition is a private tuition business located in southeast England. I was contracted to write a custom WordPress plugin for WooCommerce to connect to their CMS/enrollment system, so that when a student paid for a booking, their details would automatically be added CMS.

Their CMS/enrollment system did not offer an SDK and had sparse documentation. I was in constant contact with the API developers to learn how the API worked and even suggested a new method that ended up being incorporated into their API. I originally planned to use Guzzle to handle the API calls, but that unfortunately clashed with another plugin that was already installed, so I ended up using the cURL library to implement the API calls.

I hooked into the WooCommerce checkout process to extract customer data from the order, encoded it into JSON and POSTed it to the client’s external CMS.

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