Mako Boardsports

Mako Boardsports is an e-commerce platform selling jet-powered surfboards powered by a highly customised WooCommerce.

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Make Boardsports is an e-commerce platform I built while working for Urban Media that sells jet powered surfboards and accessories. It uses WordPress and WP Bakery to provide the client with a highly customisable website using pre-built and bespoke WP Bakery components. I was responsible for implementing the front-end designs, as well as building the back-end systems for both their website and e-commerce platform, which used WooCommerce.

In addition to developing the website, I also implemented some bespoke WordPress plugins so that they could integrate their email marketing campaign API into the website. Certain events would trigger custom API calls to place customers into different categories in their email marketing campaign system. Several factors were considered, including the amount spent, whether they were a repeat customer, and their location.

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