Next Level Sound

Next Level Sound was an e-learning platform for electronic dance music (EDM) enthusiasts that used a highly customised version of LifterLMS.

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Next Level Sound was an e-learning platform I built using LifterLMS and WooCommerce while working for Urban Media. I was responsible for taking the .PSD design files and turning them into a functioning e-learning platform, where students could purchase and enroll in a variety of courses aimed at teaching people how to make EDM.

The website used a completely bespoke theme that was written by myself using provided .PSD files. SASS was used to make writing CSS easier, with the task runner Grunt used to minify the custom scripts and stylesheets.

The website was initially a success and had an active student membership base in the thousands, along with regular monthly events that used a bespoke booking system I developed that allowed people to register for events.

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