Timberyard UK

Timberyard was a chain of coffee shops in central London linked up by a bespoke online booking portal

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Timberyard UK was a website and booking platform for a coffee shop chain based in London that I built while working for Den Creative. I was responsible for developing the back-end of the website, in conjunction with another contracted developer. I took HTML files provided by the front-end developer and ported them to WordPress, as well as installed and customised several WordPress plugins, including WP Booking System and BuddyPress.

The client wanted Timberyard UK to become a social network, where people could log in to their account when they entered a Timberyard branch and allowed them to reserve rooms for private meetings and events. As part of this, I developed a bespoke coupon code system that allowed early adopters to claim an account before the system opened to the wider public.

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